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Sponsors, Exhibitors & Advertisers

We welcome publishers, academic institutions, education programs, non-profits and non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and companies to participate in our event.


ISPED 2018 will furnish a table, an A0 poster board with an easel and two chairs or two tables, two A0 poster boards with easels and four chairs, depending on your order. Exhibitors are responsible for any other requirement needed.

Please note the following guidelines:

  1. Yes. We permit exhibitors to sell books and materials in the exhibition.
  2. The deadline for registering an exhibition is two weeks prior to the event.
  3. Space Rental Fee: flat rate is 10,000 JPY
  4. The exhibitor fee includes (1) registration waiver with full event access.
  5. Set up and clean up of the exhibit is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  6. For mailing materials and requesting an invoice contact the Secretariat.


Placing an advert in the Official ISPED 2018 Program provides you with the best form of return-on-investment. The deadline for artwork is December 7, 2018. The program is given to all participants and serves as a record of participation.

Specs, Placement and Rates

  • A4 size, high resolution, color advert
  • Outside Back Cover: 25,000 JPY
  • Inside Front Cover: 20,000 JPY
  • Inside Back Cover: 15,000 JPY
  • Inside Full Page:  10,000 JPY


The deadline for artwork is Friday, December 7, 2018. If you are interested in promotion in ISPED 2018, we can offer the following options:

ISPED 2018 Tote Bag

Have your organization name or corporate logo printed on one full side of the event tote bag, which is made from recycled materials and given to all attended participants.

  • 50,000 JPY to print on one side of the tote bag

ISPED 2018 Tote Bag Insert

Add your brochure, catalog, or flyer to the tote bag:

  • 10,000 JPY per item

Sponsor the Welcome Luncheon

Your logo will be added to the ISPED 2018 program highlighting your support and your logo will be placed on the reception area signage.

  • 75,000 JPY for the welcome reception

Send an email to all participants

Simply provide us with your html email and we will send it out to all participants in advance of ISPED 2018.

  • 10,000 JPY per email blast


Do you have a question about sponsorship, exhibiting, or advertising ?

Contact us by sending an E-mail to the following address: secretariat(at)esdfocus.org