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With the theme Back to the Future, the objective of ICOHS 2018 is not to redefine sustainability, but rather to draw upon the expertise of the humanities and social sciences as fields through which we can better understand the interrelation between nature and human cultures which impact sustainability both positively and negatively.

Who should attend?

ICOHS 2018 is a special international, peer reviewed event created to provide an interdisciplinary platform for academics, researchers, policy makers, activists, students and professionals. This particular conference, will look at sustainability from perspectives in the humanities and social sciences that include, but are not limited to art, design, culture, economics, education, language, philosophy, religion, and ethics.

Final Submissions Due: Closed

  • Art, Design and Eco-Design
  • Cultural Sustainability
  • Economics and Management
  • Education and Social Welfare
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Literature and Ecocriticism
  • Media, Communications and Film
  • Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
  • Politics, Public Policy and Law
  • Social Sustainability
  • Sustainable Business, Development & Tourism
  • Other Areas (specify please)


      1. Abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words and must be submitted through the online system.
      2. We encourage work that introduces new ideas and conceptualizations, research and understandings to the field, as well as analysis of both success and failure.
      3. Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation to give a presentation in the designated manner assigned by the Review Committee. Permission to publish the abstract of the paper in the conference program is implied.
      4. An individual cannot present another person’s presentation, if their name is not listed as an author on the abstract.
      5. Submissions derived from plagiarized or copyrighted research will automatically be rejected.
      6. If the submitted research paper or results have been previously published in another journal, it will not be accepted.


      1. Presenters will be allotted approximately 20 minutes to present depending on the format and including time for comments and questions.
      2. Seating arrangement for oral presentations will be theater style with a table at the front.
      3. Computers, projectors and screens will be provided in each presentation room.
      4. Please prepare an extra copy of your presentation on a USB Drive.


      1. Posters must be size A0 (A Zero). Common dimensions for posters are A0 47 x 33 inches (118cm x 84cm).
      2. Poster materials should include the title of the presentation and the list of authors. Bring all illustrations needed — figures, tables, color photographs, charts.
      3. Poster material should be well labeled and easy to read from a distance of one meter. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size (24 to 30 pt) on white, pale yellow or cream-colored non-glossy paper. Avoid use of non-standard fonts. Use 1-inch margins. Use upper and lower case letters.
      4. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.


In our effort to assist participants with accepted proposals who are unable to attend due to travel problems, a schedule conflict, illness, etc., we have a limited number of virtual panel time slots available. The virtual presentations are screened to the participants during the poster session or during recess periods.

Guidelines and instructions will be sent by the organizing committee on a case-by-case basis. Virtual presenters will receive a certificate of presentation in PDF only and will be listed in the proceedings as a virtual presenter. If you have a proposal that has been accepted, but are unable to attend, kindly contact the secretariat.


This is an international, peer-reviewed event. The abstract is scored using a rubric that assessed areas such as originality, clarity/organization, spelling/grammar and suitability for the event.

Please note that only the abstracts undergo a peer-review. The Proceedings are not peer-reviewed, only the abstract review for participation in this event. The Proceedings will be available shortly after the conclusion of the event.

Full Papers are not peer-reviewed nor required; however, if you would like to submit a paper it must be less than 2500 words and sent in Word format (PDF is not accepted) with a maximum file size of 1.5 MB by the deadline. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is the responsibility of the author. Use of the Full Paper Template is absolutely required. Papers submitted differently will be rejected.

ICOHS 2018 Full Paper Template

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Do you have a question about submissions?

Contact us by sending an E-mail to the following address: secretariat(at)