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The Final Deadline for Proposals has been extended to Friday, August 11, 2017»

The transition to sustainable tourism challenges all participants to respect host communities’ socio-cultural diversity, fairly distribute the socio-economic benefits between all stakeholders, and optimize the use of environmental resources, among others. Academics, researchers, students and representatives from industry, government and non-governmental organizations need to both share their findings and learn from each other, in order to facilitate the transformation in how economic activity is conducted, allowing human societies to be sustained and to thrive.

We welcome submissions of 250 words in English by Friday, August 11, 2017 on the following streams:

  • Cultural, Heritage, Indigenous and Dark Tourism
  • Destination Branding and Promotion
  • e-Tourism, ICT and Travel Technology
  • Eco-Friendly Destinations, Hotels and Attractions
  • Eco-Tourism, Geo-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism
  • Food Safety, Food Service, Catering and Wine Tourism
  • Medical, Health and Wellness Tourism
  • Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Tourism Policy, Planning, Development & Management
  • Urban and Rural Tourism
  • Other Areas (please specify)



  1. Abstracts must be a maximum of 250 words and must be submitted through the online system.
  2. We encourage work that introduces new ideas and conceptualizations, research and understandings to the field, as well as analysis of both success and failure.
  3. Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation to give a presentation in the designated manner assigned by the Review Committee. Permission to publish the abstract of the paper in the conference program is implied.
  4. An individual cannot present another person’s paper, if their name is not listed as an author on the abstract.
  5. Submissions derived from plagiarized or copyrighted research will automatically be rejected.
  6. If the submitted research paper or results have been previously published in another journal, it will not be accepted.


  1. Presenters will be allotted 25 minutes to present depending on the format and including time for comments and questions.
  2. Seating arrangement for oral presentations will be theater style with a table at the front.
  3. Computers, projectors and screens will be provided in each presentation room.
  4. Please prepare an extra copy of your presentation on a USB Drive.


  1. Posters must be size A0 (A Zero). Common dimensions for posters are A0 47 x 33 inches (118cm x 84cm). Poster boards mounted on stands will be provided with tape and tacks.
  2. Poster materials should include the title of the presentation and the list of authors. Bring all illustrations needed — figures, tables, color photographs, charts.
  3. Poster material should be well labeled and easy to read from a distance of one meter. Lettering should be bold. If you will be posting typed material, use a large font size (24 to 30 pt) on white, pale yellow or cream-colored non-glossy paper. Avoid use of non-standard fonts. Use 1-inch margins. Use upper and lower case letters.
  4. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.


In our effort to assist participants unable to attend because of funding problems, a schedule conflict, illness, etc., we will prepare a virtual panel to be shown during the event. The number of virtual panels and presenter slots is limited.

Guidelines for virtual presenters are as follows,

  1. Prepare a 10 minute presentation using the video instructions we send to you. Please note that PowerPoint with an audio track is not acceptable.
  2. Upload your presentation file to our ‘Drop Box’ (details will be provided upon confirmation of registration)
  3. Virtual presenters are accorded the same inclusion rights in the schedule and proceedings as the other presenters.
  4. Virtual presentation data files must be sent to the Secretariat one week prior to the conference.


This is an international, peer-reviewed conference. Full papers are welcome, but not required. Registered participants with an accepted abstract and/or refereed full paper will be published in the proceedings with an ISSN indexed by the Japan National Library. Oral, poster and virtual presenters shall be included in the Proceedings.

Please note the following policies for submitting a full paper:

  1. Papers must be less than 2500 words and sent in Word format (PDF is not accepted).
  2. Files have a 1.5 MB max size limitation. Files over 1.5 MB will not be accepted.
  3. Papers must follow the strict guidelines detailed in the Full Paper Template.
  4. Acceptance of an abstract does not mean automatic acceptance of a full paper.
  5. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is the responsibility of the author.
  6. Plagiarized material is unacceptable and will be rejected.
  7. Click here to download the template: COSTA 2017 Full Paper Template


COSTA 2017
will be held August 29-31, 2017
Abstract Proposals final deadline extended to
Friday, August 11
Review Decisions will be sent within two weeks
Final Registration for all presenters is
Friday, August 18
Full Paper (optional)
must be received by
Friday, August 18
Virtual Presenter File must be received by Friday, August 18


Miyajima, JapanHiroshima Castle, JapanHiroshima Peace Park, Japan


Do you have a question about submissions?

Contact us by sending an E-mail to the following address: secretariat(at)